Reddit Writing Prompt: You’ve come with with a brilliant idea but one spelling error ruins it all.

The room was dark, illuminated only by the soft glow of a monitor. Seated before my computer, I hammered away at my keyboard. It had been hours since I had left my chair, and my joints ached. But now was not the time to stop, not before I had completed my latest project.
Seated beside me was a robot, the first of its kind. Based on an airborne drone, it bore a number of long, slender arms ending in pins and cutters. These would be able to work their way into any space, making it ideal for tight repairs too fiddly for humans.
The most beautiful part of the system was that it was autonomous; the drone had a basic AI that would seek out damage on its own. Then it would search the internet for pertinent information, download it, and initiate repairs without any human interaction. It could even repair other robots like itself, creating a system that could sustain itself indefinitely. 
It all seemed like sci-fi mumbo-jumbo, and yet I had the prototype sitting right next to me. As the lead programmer, it was my job to add the finishing touches to the code. The bulk had already been hammered out and tested, now it was a matter of streamlining the process and taking out any superfluous bits. Billions of dollars were riding on my success, the pressure mounting as the night dragged on. It would be do or die come the morning.
With a few final taps, I finished my work. I couldn’t help but feel smug, almost tasting the fruits of my labour. All I needed to do was enter the startup sequence.
With a flourish, I hit the enter key. I spun in my seat, wanting to watch the drone whir into life. LEDs flickered as the robot woke, my heart quickening in excitement. One by one, the blades began to spin, the system testing each and every component. Finally, to my satisfaction, the camera rolled into place.
The drone picked itself off the ground, hovering inches off the floor. Slowly, it scanned its surroundings, camera sweeping from side to side as it turned on the spot. I watched with anticipation as it brought its gaze to a damaged monitor set in the corner of the room; the drones first test. But it ignored the monitor, and continued to survey the room.
I hummed; clearly I screwed up somewhere. My shoulders sank at the prospect of sifting through yet more code, and I turned back to my desk.
As I moved, the drone sprung into life, leaping into the air and chirping. It came down a few feet away, pulling at my computer and unplugging the cable it was tethered to. I gasped and fell back, nearly toppling my seat.
I watched as the drone bumbled through my office, bumping into boxes and sending papers flying. It came to rest under my second desk, camera fixed firmly on me. As I rose from my chair, I heard the drone… growl? Surely my ears were playing tricks on me. 
I stepped towards the robot, reaching out to grab it. To my surprise, it pulled away, the growl intensifying. I backed off, not wanting to damage the sensitive blades should the drone decide to move again. 
As I gave the robot space, it darted past me, frantically flying across the hardwood floor. I turned to follow it, watching in horror as it flew out the open window. I cursed, scrambling for my desk. I entered the emergency shutdown sequence, hoping to stop the robot before it could get any further away. When it failed, I dug through the code, scanning for any flaw that would drive the drone to make an escape. I passed line after line of perfect programming, everything were it needed to be. Save for one little snippet, an error in the robots AI programming. 
In my haste, I had spelled “fix” as “fox”.

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