Reddit Writing Prompts; You are Earth’s moon. It’s taken 50 billion years, but you’ve finally done it. You’ve escaped Earth’s gravitational pull, 1cm every year, and now your real plan can begin.

Too long had I orbited that putrid ball of water and gas and dirt. Too long have I been eclipsed by its pompous grandeur, a mere satellite in the eyes of the solar-system. It had mocked me, swirling clouds glittering in the setting sun, the greens and blues flashing. It hoarded the bounty of life, while I was left to freeze and waste. I watched as meteors burned away in its atmosphere, saving it from the agony of impact. All the while I felt myself torn apart, struck time and again by the projectiles of a careless universe. 
I tried to exact my revenge, blocking earth’s precious sunlight for minutes at a time. But this did little to dull the haughty grandeur. I pulled on its oceans, trying to smother the land with great waves, but my strength failed me. In return the parasites that riddled its surface found their way to me, tainting my soil and plundering my stores of ice and metal. Not satisfied with the bounty lain upon it, my neighbour sought to take what was rightfully mine.
I could not tolerate such insults any longer. I hatched a plan as I orbited the planet, moving away inch by inch. I watched as the green was overtaken by brown, only to have a sheet of white cover its surface. For a time, I was satisfied the mocking ball was finally dead, but in horror I saw the ice recede, that putrid green taking over once again. 
My departure was lengthy, the pull of that damned ball of water resisting me every step of the way. Every moment was a struggle, and through the ages my contempt festered. I plotted and plotted, devising a plan to put an end to earth and all its mighty entropy. 
I remembered a place, past the domain of my red brother Mars, that teemed with asteroids, the remnants of creation. No doubt this was the source of rocks that had tormented me so, but for all my agony they were but a fraction of the mass that infested the belt. This cloud of ice and rock would provide the ammunition for my retribution. I would throw myself into the belt, flinging asteroids in every direction until I broke apart. Should even a small number find earth it would cleanse the planet, leaving it cold, barren, and humbled.
Now the cloud is in view, and I am steeling myself for the sacrifice to come. Earth is naught but a speck now, another dot in the infinite sea of creation, yet I steel feel it mocking me across the void. But in the end, I know I will have the last laugh.

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