Reddit Writing Prompt: Write a very detailed fight scene with your choice of weapons.

I surged forward, steel plates rattling with each heavy step. I gripped my sword halfway up the blade, its wicked point aimed at my foes plated neck. With a cry, I thrust the sword forward, steel grating against steel as it failed to find a gap in his armour. In retaliation, my enemy brought the hilt of his sword up, smashing it into my side as he shoved me.
I stumbled, regaining my footing a few feet away. I turned rapidly, just as my opponent made a lunge for the joints under my arm. I swung upwards, catching his blade and hefting it aside. As he slid past I brought a gauntleted fist up, slugging him square in the side of the head. His helmet absorbed most of the impact, my knuckles aching with the force, but it was enough to daze him for a moment. Hooking him by the leg with the hilt of my blade, I tried to force him the ground. 
He rolled, armour chattering as he regained his footing. Stooping, he held his blade high, tempting me to make a move. I feinted, swinging for his head. He brought his sword down, levelled at my neck, only to have it deflected as I twisted my blade mid-swing. I pushed his sword down with mine, and once it was clear I brought my pommel into his visor. He reeled from the impact, the force denting the face of his helmet. I wasted no time following with a cut to his underarm, blade biting into fabric and flesh as I bypassed his steel defences. A muffled cry echoed from within his helmet, and I was sure he was done for.
I was mistaken. He had swung his sword down as I pressed in to finish him, striking me in the side of the knee. My leg buckled from the impact, and I was forced to kneel. He shifted the blade in his hands, readying a backswing to finish me off. I raised a plated arm to catch the blow, gritting my teeth as the impact made my bones creak and my armour dent.
I hooked the hilt of my blade behind my foes knee, heaving back. His footing failed him, and he crashed into the packed earth. I surged to my feet, stomping on his arm and force him to drop the blade. A swift boot to the head kept him from raising his other arm in defence. In one motion, I plunged my blade into his visor, the cruel point meeting resistance as it passed through. I heard a metallic clang as the blade finally met the back of my foes helmet. He lay there, limp.
I pulled my sword free, gore slicking the final third of the blade. I heaved and fell backwards, sprawled next to my fallen foe. I raised my visor, cool air brushing my face. I was exhausted, yet victorious.

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