Reddit Writing Prompt; A nightmare takes a turn for the weird when a seemingly sentient being intervenes.

I bolted down the wood-trimmed confines of the hall, gasping for breath as I pushed myself beyond the breaking point. My muscled screamed, and my heart threatened to burst. Yet I pressed on, fear fuelling my mad flight.
Familiar doors and rooms rushed past, the expanse of my childhood home stretching ahead of me. Though I never turned from my path, these halls seemed to twist and loop in a sickening fashion. Time held little meaning in this place, images of holidays and wakes passing within seconds. I saw my old room pile high with the toys of youth, only to be cleaned out and replaced with books and clothes, strewn across the floor.
I didn’t pause at these scenes, to concerned with what stalked me in this prison. Though I had only glimpsed the fiend, I felt its monstrous presence grasp my soul, chilling me. Nausea filled me as the most primal of fears awoke, urging me to escape. Yet escape seemed impossible in this place, a hall of memories and terror. Surely this had to be a dream, some construct of an overburdened mind.
Yet the cry I heard behind me was all too real. The shrill howl vibrated my bones and stung my ears. Whatever hunted me had found its quarry.
I dared to glance back in my flight, wishing to gauge the distance between me and this unseen predator. Teeth and claws glinted in the dark, hollow, white eyes boring into me. I redoubled my efforts, forcing tortured muscle to work past their limits.
In the end, my legs failed me, and I tumbled to the floor. Bouncing from the hardwood, I twisted and rolled, trying to turn to that which stalked me.
With a victorious cackle, the malignant void churned towards me, pale eyes alight with devilish glee. I crawled back, desperate to escape this beast. Alabaster claws, long as ribs, raised above me, ready to tear my flesh and sunder my bones. I closed my eyes, begging to awake before the horror dug into me.
Yet I felt no such attack. Instead of hearing my body break, a great crackling filled the hall. Heat washed over me, the gust pushing me back several feet. As I opened my eyes, I was greeted with the smouldering remains of the place I once called home. Beams burned and tumbled, the roof blown away in some cataclysmic event. The terror that haunted me had disappeared, obliterated by the blast. I myself was unharmed, running a hand over my face and inspecting my arms.
I rose to survey this new landscape. Small fires flickered in and out about me, sending plumes of smoke twirling into an ashy sky. Then I spotted it, standing down the hall behind me. 
It was a strange thing, nearly human. A dark silhouette against the pale sky, it appeared to be a hairless, gaunt man, black as the void and devoid of all definition. I saw no eyes, no mouth. Just a shape.
The figure moved towards me, suspended inches from the ground. I was dumbfounded, unable to speak in terror. This thing had presumably saved me from the beast, but that did little to ease my mind.
Once within reach, the shadow stopped. It seemed to be looking me up and down, cocking it’s head. It stared at me a moment, before waving towards the hall behind me. I glanced back, yet nothing had changed. Turning, I saw the figure making a motion with its hands, imitating the clawed horror.
I raised an eyebrow. “The monster,” I asked, unsure if this creature wished to communicate. It nodded, bringing its hands together before throwing them out like an explosion. It then brought a bony finger to its chest. “You killed it?” The thing nodded again.
I was about to thank the shadow when it moved its hand in front of me, rubbing its pointer and middle finger against its thumb. “You want money?” I asked, surprised. Enthusiastically the thing nodded, pointing at the pocket of my pants. 
Reaching in, I was astonished to find a feather. White as snow and warm to the touch, I was about to examine it when a snapping pulled me away, and I turned back to the shadow. It pointed indignantly at the feather, snapping repeatedly. 
Hesitantly, I held the feather forward. With gusto the thing grabbed it from me, and no sooner did it leave my hands did I find myself spiralling back, everything going dark.
I awoke, drenched in sweat and disheveled. The covers of my bed were ripped away, and my pillow had been pushed from the mattress. A quick glance around me revealed I was home, in my bedroom. I had been pulled from the nightmare, and already my memory of the dream clouded. Yet one thought remained; the shadow that saved me from my slumbering mind, and that feather it demanded in return.

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