Reddit writing prompts; Wait, wait, wait… you’re not actually going to eat that, are you?

It sat before me, that vile lump of putrefied slop. In the dim light it wobbled indignantly, near translucent and slick with slime. The colour was that of nightmares; greens and blues of the most maddening hue swirled and twisted within the gelatinous confines of the mass. Uneven chunks of god knows what lay suspended within the goo.
The sight of the mass near made me wretch, a knot forming in my bowels. Surely this horror would be the end of me, should I deign to ingest it. The very thought sickened me to my core, every basic instinct I possessed urging me to flee this unnatural abomination of gel and hate. No man would be mad enough to brave this ultimate test of intestinal fortitude.
And yet circumstance had forced me to do just that. Already I could feel eyes burning into me, surrounded by an audience I dare not glimpse. Their subconscious urging set my nerves on fire, a hot wash filling me as I reluctantly lifted my spoon. 
The metal felt cold as ice, sapping the warmth of my being as it plunged towards that grotesque lump of thrice-damned glorp. Steel pressed into gel, the mass recoiling from my advances, until with a sickening squelch the spoon found purchase. With a careful motion I pulled forth a wiggling chunk, quivering as I brought it to my face.
The aroma was indescribable; an amalgamation of sickening sweetness and pungent punch. Sweat beaded on my forehead as I came to terms with this impending doom, the situation becoming near unbearable.
At the unspoken goading of my captives, I bit down on the spoon, teeth grinding against metal as I pulled the utensil free. Now released of its prison, the mass of goo rested heavily on my tongue. A crash of flavours assaulted my senses, watering my eyes and churning my guts. It was as if Hell had been compacted into one horrific bite. I wasted no time downing the demonic tidbit, the creeping sensation of a semi-solid plunging towards my bowels. Every fibre of my being rejected the unholy thing that now nested within my guts.
Yet I had done it. I had survived the first bite of my aunts Jello surprise.

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